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Pacific Northwest Oil has an array of asphalt products for any size job.

Asphalt Emulsions

Asphalt emulsions are used in cold processes for road construction and maintenance. Emulsions are classified on the basis of how quickly the […]

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Performance Grade Asphalt

Performance Graded Asphalts are manufactured to adapt to a range of temperatures in degrees Celsius. Associated Asphalt supplies PG liquid asphalts in […]

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Cutback Asphalt

Cutback Asphalt is a mixture of asphalt cement and petroleum solvents. The most common types are classified as slow cure and medium cure. Cutbacks […]

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Geosynthetic Interlayer

The focus of attention is therefore, on maintenance techniques and refurbishment methods which allow the working life of the basic road […]

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Dust Palliatives

Dust palliatives are the agents applied to various road surfaces to prevent dust clouds and their environmental impact. The most commonly used […]

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Evotherm Warm Mix Asphalt

In keeping with our environmental commitment, we offer Evotherm™ Warm Mix Asphalt Additive (WMA). Evotherm™ offers the greatest […]

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Geosynthetics are specific, engineered response to enabling landforms to withstand severe and erosive forces of nature. […]

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Polymer Modified Rejuvenating Emulsion (PMRE)

PMRE is a material used to for chip seals, scrub seals and fog seals. […]

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