Whether installing paving fabrics (polypropylene), paving mat (fiberglass/polyester) or paving grids, we can help install your interlayers. We provide installation services for all types of interlayer products.

  • Can be used with chip seal on low ADT, highly distressed roads (Fabric)
  • Delay reflective cracking and waterproof prior to overlay (fabric & mats)
  • High tensile strength with low elongation (mats & grids)
  • Mitigate reflective cracking
  • Reduce amount of water entering the pavement structure
  • Reduction in thickness of the proposed overlay
  • Lower stress and/or strain in pavements overlays
  • Delay reflective cracking
  • Improve ride
  • Increases longevity
About Paving Fabric/Mat/Grid Installation

Interlayers are typically applied with specialty equipment by crews… [type more later]

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