Asphalt emulsions are used in cold processes for road construction and maintenance. Emulsions are classified on the basis of how quickly the asphalt droplets will re-coalesce (break and setup). The terms rapid set (RS), medium set (MS), quick set (QS) and slow set (SS) have been adopted to classify the emulsions. A letter “C” in front of the classification denotes cationic systems while the absence of a letter in front of the classification denotes anionic systems.

Rapid set (RS) emulsions are typically used for in chip seals, while quick set (QS) emulsions are used in slurry, microsurfacing, fog seal, or tack coats. Slow set (SS) emulsions are also used for fog seals or as tack coat.

We produce a variety of emulsions to meet the varying demands of each project.

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